Privacy policy :

Reminder :
As part of using the LeanDesk application, you or other users can create groups. Only one group manager is allowed to invite or remove members of the group. Each group member can create projects and invite group members to participate.

By participating in a group, you agree that the manager, possibly yourself, accesses all the data created and managed in the group by the manager or the different participants.

All the participants of a project have access to all the associated data and to the actions and data of the different participants including last name, first name, e-mail address, status and avatar
It is therefore the manager of a group that can directly provide you with all the associated data to use them outside the application via Excel data export (excluding photos that will have to be manually exported).

As a participant in a project, you can access all managed actions including the direct ability to edit or delete them.

You are directly responsible for the data stored in the application, including the preservation of data, their legality, their intellectual property rights and the consequences of any unauthorized access to such data.

No sensitive data whose disclosure could result in damage to you, your business or other third parties should be stored in the application.

OPX Software can locate your data within your company network if necessary in a paid version of the application.

Information of your user profile

When you check in,
you provide last name, first name and e-mail address. You can also associate an avatar with your account. Your password is encrypted and we do not know it.

You can directly modify all this information from the application.

Your status corresponds to paid options of the application: it is a visible recognition of your mastery of the tool: a coloured circle around your avatar demonstrates this status: gold, silver or bronze. It is the company OPX Software which updates this status.

We do not ask for any information regarding any means of payment or postal address.

Your first and last names appear in the app instead of your email address when you have activated your account. Your avatar will also be shared with other participants in a common group.

Your email address is used by the app to send you project reports; at your request or that of other members of projects to which you contribute.

The use of the LeanDesk application implies that you initially accept the sending of newsletters, new or updated LeanDesk features, notification or inquiry by OPX Software. You can of course ask to no longer be recipients of these messages.

Your email address will not be shared with other companies outside contractors acting on behalf of OPX Software, to improve the operation of LeanDesk, resolve a usability issue, or develop new features.

Anonymous information collected:

LeanDesk is accessible via web access, an Android application and an IOS application. Each platform has analytical tools that allow to understand the user experience in order to improve our services:

These are cookies, ip address, browser and version used, version of the operating system, geographic location and device used.

Cookies facilitate your connection by memorizing certain information and allow us to establish statistics concerning the use of our platforms.
We do not use any advertising cookies.
Securing information

The security of your data is a permanent concern of OPX Software. This includes the use of firewalls, updating operating systems and securing access. Your password is not stored in clear and work sessions have a limited duration. All exchanges with our data servers use SSL encryption (HTTPS). However, no system can guarantee 100% security. You must regularly export a backup of the data of the groups that you manage. Never share your credentials with a third party and do not leave your devices connected unattended. Likewise, remember to change your passwords regularly, even if the application does not require it.

If your user account is corrupted or hacked, we may deactivate and then modify the login information upon your request, after being certain that you are the rightful owner.
No sensitive data whose disclosure could result in damage to you, your business or other third parties should be stored via the app.

The deletion of the stored data is irreversible. You must be very careful when deleting your actions, projects and groups.

Regular backup of our databases is only done to prevent an incident directly affecting our own technical infrastructure. This is your own responsibility to ensure data backup using printed reports and/or Excel export of data stored (photos must be manually exported). OPX Software cannot be hold responsible for any losses of data or consequences of such losses.

We can study with you as a paid option, location of your data within your own intranet.

Change in privacy policy

This privacy policy may change: changes will be communicated by one of the following means: on our website that we invite you to consult regularly, by email using the one in your account if you have used LeanDesk in the last 3 months or via the application itself via an information message at login.

Feel free to contact us at for any questions or inquiries regarding our privacy policy