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Collaboration & Individual ownership

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Do the important, not only the urgent

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SMART indicators tracking

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PDCA actions steps

A structured way to sustain results

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Give your team the right tool

teamwork & shared PDCA action plan to motivate participants

Ensure measurable results

develop autonomy and personal motivation: sharing project futur state allow participants to focus on the right priorities. The standardized project report is an easy way to share progress and collectively agree on next actions. Individual activity report facilitate reporting and self evaluation. Access to each project action by all participants allows information to flow easely

mobilize collectively on the right priorities: PDCA steps visual tracking facilitate sustainability of results achieved. Measuring SMART results indicators and sharing them through visual displays is the way to reduce cost and delays. Resources saved will save time and increase participants satisfaction

  • Involvement and personal development are keys to success
  • New technologies must balance simplicity and efficiency
  • Ambition is a permanent source of improvement

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Value skills

efficiency based on priority management, PDCA cycle & people empowerment

  • Pilot, coach or mentor certification program will enable you to acquire additional knowledge and demonstrate associated practices: each certification covers specific topics including use of the App, Deming PDCA cycle & SMART indicators, project management, change management, steering activities and time management. Project coaching and results achieved are also part of the certification process
  • With remote or on site coaching by our local partners, you will then get a shared recognition from your peer: trainers are recognized senior Lean professionals. They will provide valuable coaching and issue a signed numbered certificate, Certification level will also appear in the App itself to facilitate knowledge sharing within your organization

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